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Enjoy a personalized approach to your health, entertainment and relaxation. With Bullfrog® Spas, it’s easy to find a hot tub that meets your every need, with 25+ models to shop from and countless customizations available.

Equipped with hydrotherapy jets, ergonomic seating and LED illumination, there is a perfect Bullfrog® Spa for every lifestyle.

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Engineering Perfection In Personal Spas

Bullfrog Spas are premium hot tubs with patented technology, personalized just for you. The only hot tubs to feature the one-of-a-kind JetPak Therapy System™, Bullfrog Spas allow you to select your favorite massage, place it in your favorite seat, and interchange massages at any time. Each JetPak® is engineered to provide a specialized massage sensation so you are empowered to create a soothing and completely personalized hot tub experience.