Active EP-12


Active EP-12

TidalFit® Swim Spas

The Active EP-12 Exercise Pool


144 in. x 91 in. x 45 in.


Seats 4 Adults
Open Seating


1195 gal


1750 lbs. Dry


Hi-Flo Circulation System


About the Active EP-12 Swim Spa

The Active EP-12 is the most basic model of the line, an introduction to TidalFit Exercise Pools.

Features of the Active EP-12 Swim Spa

Grandwood Cabinets

From the realistic wood-like texture to the matte finish, it’s no wonder these cabinets are called Grandwood. These cabinets feature a tight grain pattern along with subtly varying shades of color. This subtle variance creates a more realistic look and feel of natural wood.


Every TidalFit comes with a standard heater to warm your pool to the perfect temperature in any climate.

Grab Rails

These rails offer extra stability when exercising and stretching.

Full Foam with ABS Bottom

TidalFit models come standard with full foam insulation and an ABS bottom to protect against environmental elements.

12 V – 5 in. Spa Light

This 5 in. spa light illuminates your pool during dark hours.

Optional Features of the Active EP-12 Swim Spa


Each model offers the Hydrotherapy option to soothe aching muscles and help with relaxation.

Audio Systems

Complete your pool experience with our audio systems: Advanced Integrated Streaming, Bluetooth® Music Experience and bba™2 Audio.

LED Lights

Select from several LED lighting options to add a lighted ambiance to your pool.

Water Purification

Whether you choose to add Diamond AOP™, Crystal ProPure™ Ozone Mixing Chamber, or an Ozonator – each promotes water purification for a clean pool.

Worldwide WiFi App

Control your pool temperature, filter cycle, turn on pumps and much more.

Aquatic Training System

Maximize your workout in your exercise pool! You can choose between the Stationary Resistant Swim and/or the Rowing Bars and Resistant Cords.

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