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A personalized hot tub installation has the power to transform your entire backyard space. The hot tub can act as the centerpiece, with the landscaping leading to and from the installation to the house, and all of the other areas of the backyard as well. In fact, owning a hot tub can prove to be much easier than one might think. Besides routine maintenance, landscaping, and the occasional service appointment, all you have to do is enjoy the jet-driven water! From the placement of the spa and landscape design to additional features and other hot tub ideas, browse through the sections below to perfect your backyard space.


Five key tips for choosing a model and getting ready for delivery.


Get ideas for your backyard from these award-winning installations.


Backyards are all about relaxing. How to take it easy, hot tub style.


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What informed buyers need to know about hot tubs.

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We make it easy to love backyard spa living because hot tubs are easy to maintain. There are protective hot tub covers and other practical accessories available to you. These accessories can help ensure that your spa is ready to use throughout the year. We have many hot tub accessories for sale at our Toms River hot tub dealership, along with many other products! Our hot tub models are available in different sizes, from small to large, so they can fit almost any backyard. See your backyard ideas about hot tub built-in spa music, waterfalls, planters, and more to make your hot tub installation come to life. Get more information from the blog and visit our store in New Jersey for further details.

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In our backyard ideas planning section, you’ll find tips on buying a hot tub that best suits your needs. This is also where we provide you with details on backyard spa delivery and installation. Putting it all together lets you explore and implement your own creative style. From planning walkways to and from the house, patio or deck location, and landscaping around your backyard hot tub. Besides being a valuable resource for planning and installation questions, our team at Hot Tub Central can offer recommendations for professional services, as well. The best backyard ideas can maximize the benefits you’ll get from your hot tub therapy, relaxation, and entertainment. 

Top 3 Reasons To Put A Hot Tub In Your Backyard

Owner’s responses* to a survey about what was important to them in choosing a hot tub include personal relaxation, hot tub quality and reliability, and therapy and pain relief. Try out a hot tub at our showroom, and get expert tips and advice in person. 

* Warranty/Registration card surveys, January 2006 through April 2007.
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